Aguascalientes Poop Bag Holder

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Every poop bag holder is handmade by Portuguese craftsmen and embroidery handwoven by Mexican female artisans using the Mayan technique "Trenzado a Mano", also known as, macrame. Every product is custom handmade, making each piece a unique accessory, preserving the artistry of the artisans. Each poop bag holder is carefully cut and pieced together, then fully stitched for added strength.

Every poop bag holder is 100% handmade with Italian vegetable tanned leather and handwoven cotton thread, carefully pieced together, then fully stitched for added strength. Each product is fastened with a zamak lobster clasp allowing it to be securely attached to the leash D-ring or alternatively to belt loop, chain or handbag. A magnetic closure holds the poop bags securely inside while these can be pulled out via a round opening on the back. 

Each poop bag holder comes with a roll of poop bags and is immediately ready for use.

Embroidery patterns may differ slightly but colours will remain the same as there are several artisans weaving and they have total freedom to choose which pattern they want to do.